Badges and Apple Wallet

Badge Examples

For the quickest and simplest solution Lumi recommend only printing delegate information onsite.

We use direct thermal paper which doesn't require ink and only print in black onsite. Other options are available.

Example 1;

Pre-print all the event information on to a double sided insert. Leave the lower front section free so we can insert the the on-demand badge into the front pouch.

Badge Examples

Example 2;

To see the name tag on both sides, mirror the delegate information and can fold over the on-demand badge.

Badge Examples

Example 3;

Pre-print, in colour, all the event information onto Zebra printer approved paper and onsite print the delegate information on demand in black.

Apple Wallet

Logo: 660px x 660px 1:1 ratio

Strip Image: 375px wide 3:1 ratio

Background colour: #hex