Quick Event


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1. Event Icons

Mobile: 100px x 100px PNG

Online Directory: 200px x 100px PNG

2. Logo's and Headshots

Organisations and Speakers: 300px x 300px

3. Event Banners

Mobile: 640px x 150px

Tablet\Online: 552px x 150px

Email: 1060px x 212px

4. Navigation Icons

Icons: 216px x 216px

5. Splash Page

Mobile: 1242px x 2208px PNG

Tablet (Portrait): 1536px x 2048px PNG

Tablet (Landscape): 2048px x 1536px PNG

Note: Design your splash screens with a 290 pixel safety margin on both sides of the graphic. Keep important elements within these safety margins to ensure that branding, sponsor logos, or other crucial details don't get cut off during device rotation.

6. Main Branding

Primary Background: #hex

Primary Text: #hex

7. Header Bar

Header Background: #hex

Header Bar Text: #hex

8. Background

Background: #hex

Navigation Icon Text: #hex

9. Navigation Icons

Select from

  • Multicolor Icons - Preset colours
  • Tinted Icons - Provide #hex
  • Minimal Icons - Preset colours

10. Home Page

Select from

  • Navigation Icons
  • Dynamic Event Guide
  • Activity Feed

11. Bulk Import Files

If you have bulk information to import please use