Use the default Multiple Choice Questiontype allowing attendees to make one selection from a list of choices.

Numeric Range Questions provide the audience with the ability to submit a number within a pre-determined range.

Submit a text vote of upto 45 characters. Only the top 10 results can be displayed in powerpoint.

Allows attendees to submit a number of choices and applies a weighting to each of the attendee’s responses.

Configuring the attendee’s selection as ‘in the correct order’, a sequence question can be asked so you can test your audience & see how well they were paying attention

Allows attendees to select a number of choices from the list, in no particular order.

Use the built in auto fit functionailty to resize your questions to your slide size.

Simple horizontal bars and corresponding data labels to show proportion of votes for Multiple Choice questions

Vertical bars and corresponding data labels to show a distribution of a numeric range

Classic circular chart divided into sections to illustrate the proportion of votes for Multiple Choice questions

Display results in tabular format

The average, median, mode, a total as well as the lowest and highest values submitted for Numeric Range questions

Instead of seeing the overall proportion of votes, see what the audience voted for as their 2nd, 3rd choice, etc.

Display a table of results from Multiple Selection Questions, Ranking Questions or Demographic Splits



The ability to add in bonus scores or deduct points from a team or individual via an excel file.

Points are awarded based on how quick an attendee submits the correct answer. The quicker the correct response, the more points are received.

The ability to add any scored question into a round

Set the correct range to score points. Have multiple correct answers or just one.

Apply a negative points value as a score. This is deducted from an attendee or team score if they vote on a specific choice (or set of choices) on a question.

Apply a correct answer and configure the points available for ‘Put the following items in the correct order’ or set the sequence style questions.

Display the number or percentage of correct votes after the results are revealed.

Use scoreboards to show attendees how many points they have earned. Display these as individuals or as team scoreboards

Cross tabulate results by how attendees responded to an earlier question.

A comparison of results from different questions.

Display or reveal the result from a question asked at an earlier stage in the event.

Combine the responses from multiple polls into one total, aggregate result.

Identify and track attendees by including their details in the Register and associating them to a specific voting device.

Set a vote weighting against attendees identified in the Register. Customise each attendee independently to give certain attendees a heavier say in the vote.

Use this feature to pre-populate a question with known information or to recover lost chart results back into a presentation

Create new, delete or edit existing meetings (databases).

And more...